B & O’s New Speakers Blend Style with Technology

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50

Audio experts at Bang & Olufsen are exceeding good at making audio equipment that sounds amazing, but also looks ultra modern. Their new flagship speakers, the BeoLab 50, easily combine these qualities. With 2,100 watts of power, they deliver on what a high-end active loudspeaker should be. However, they’re compact enough to have a relatively small footprint, despite their incredible performance.

These speakers feature one 3/4 tweeter, three 4″ midrange drivers, and three 10″ woofers, all of which are powered by seven 300 watt amplifiers. There’s even An external microphone connected to the loudspeaker enables the BeoLab’s Active Room Compensation to properly tailor its sound based on the profile of the room.

As with any B&O product, performance is only half the story. These speakers look unlike anything else, as it features gorgeous oak wood lamelas and aluminum. Up top is an acoustic lens that can fill a room with sound, or direct and narrow sound beam towards your preferred listening spot. At nearly $40,000 for a pair, these are probably not within reach of most audiophiles. Nevertheless, can head over to B&O’s website to find a local retailer to hear these bad boys in person — it’s always nice to dream.