Become a Tea Brewing Master with Teforia’s Tea Infuser

Teforia Leaf Infuser

Brewing the perfect cup of tea doesn’t have to include precise calculations. Teforia’s new tea brewing gadget helps you become an expert tea master, while also adding a bit of smart tech to your kitchen.

The Teforia Leaf Infuser draws flavors out of any type of tea while helping to keep bitterness and astringency to a minimum. The infuser also makes for a seamless, irreplaceable experience to tea drinkers that makes brewing the perfect cup of tea both easy and accessible. A companion app also guides users through the tea brewing process, providing in-depth knowledge to ensure a gourmet tea experience.

Teforia also offers the Perfect Cup tea subscription service, which sends quality loose leaf tea containers filled with rare, freshly harvested teas straight to your door — a perfect complement to their new infuser.

At $400, the Teforia Leaf Infuser isn’t cheap. But passionate tea lovers will undoubtedly appreciate the chance to know the exact time, temperature, and water needed to brew the perfect cup.