Dynaudio’s New Compact Speakers Deliver Big Hi-Res Audio

Dynaudio Focus XD 20

Not everyone needs high-end speakers in their home. But for truly amazing sound, quality speakers are absolutely worth splurging for.

Danish audio leader Dynaudio has spent decades repeatedly redefining the compact loudspeaker, and their new Focus 20 XD are their best compact speakers to date. These high-end, active speakers can bring true high-resolution wireless streaming from every conceivable source, to every corner of your home. And because they have their own amplifiers, they won’t need to be connected to an external rack with speaker cables for truly big sound.

The Focus 20 XDs are wireless making them ready to deliver Hi-Res Audio in a multi-room setup. Plus, they’re highly connected, as you can play music from your smartphone, tablet, or portable Hi-Res Audio player. You can also connect these units to a network-attached storage device, or hook them up to your TV for a home theater upgrade.

Dynaudio’s Focus 20 XDs deliver the perfect balance between sound quality and digital connectivity, all within a compact package fit for any room.