Enjoy the Perfect Cup of Joe with Ember’s Smart Mug

Ember Mug

When it starts getting colder, it’s nice to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea throughout the day. But only Ember’s Ceramic Mug can keep that toasty beverage from getting too cold too soon.

The smart ceramic mug has a heating element located at its base that can be set to the perfect temperature via your smart phone or smart watch. You can even add presets so that your tea stays at one temperature, while your coffee remains at another. The heating element can also keep that beverage hot for nearly an hour. When you’re finished with your morning cup of coffee, just place it on its included charging coaster so that it’s ready for your next cup of joe.

What’s especially appealing about this 10-ounce mug is its design. Simply put, it’s not too smart for its own good — its simple, white ceramic design makes it look and feel like any other mug. That’s how smart tech should be, subtle yet effective. You can find Ember’s Ceramic Smart Mug online for $80.