The Level Turns Your Standup Desk into a Hovering Desk

Fluidstance Level

Standing desks are increasingly finding their way into offices for good reason. Numerous scientific studies have revealed that there are real health dangers associated with sitting on our butt all day. A standing desk is a great way to overcome these adverse effects.

However, the Level from FluidStance looks to elevate the health benefits of a standing desk setup even further by keeping you in motion.

Rather then keeping strain steady on your legs and feet while standing, FluidStance boards let you rock your weight from side to side and back and forth, gently relieving that strain. The rounded base allows you to move in any direction as you maintain balance.

Sleek and modern, these boards also force you to engage your core and move your body while you stand for phone calls or meetings. They also make for an attractive office accessory, thanks to their half-inch wooden top deck, available in natural maple, maple with a walnut finish, or solid bamboo.

The Level from FluidStance is priced at about $300. Not inexpensive, but it’s priced similarly to a high-quality, ergonomic office chair.