Grado’s Newest Headphones Balance Sound and Style

Grado Heritage Series GH1

Grado is well regarded for producing high-end, hand-made headphones. Their latest creation, the Heritage Series GH1, continues their commitment to delivering quality sound, albeit in an incredibly stylish package.

The Brooklyn-based company has offered a range of headphones with mahogany earcups, but the new GH1s will be made from a single maple tree from the Sunset Park neighborhood in Brooklyn where Grado Labs has been based since 1953.

Quality is immediately noticeable, from its real leather headband to its distinctive open-back design, the GH1 is elegant to say the least. But sound quality is also assured, as these are designed specifically for the discriminate audiophile.

The quantity of the GH1s is completely dependent on the yield of the tree, so supplies are limited. Priced at $650, you’ll have to grab a pair while they last.