Honda Created a Roomba for Your Lawn

Honda Miimo lawnmower

Roomba, the robotic vacuum, has made household cleaning infinitely easier. Now Honda is looking to bring the Roomba’s same robotic convenience to the outside of the home.

Miimo is Honda’s all-new robotic lawnmower. Similar to Roomba, Miimo works within a pre-set boundary wire and automatically keeps itself charged. There’s a base HRM 310 model with a 22.2 volt/1.8 Ah battery, capable of working on a half-acre of lawn for 30 minutes straight. The higher end HRM 520 model can work a 50 percent larger lawn for twice as long, thanks to its 3.6 Ah battery.

Either model is equipped with sensors that are able to monitor 360 degrees and detect obstacles. There’s even an anti-theft mode that sounds an alarm when it’s lifted off the ground.

Miimo is also equipped with three main cutting modes; Random, Directional or Mixed. Random is meant for dealing with large, open areas, and when encountering the boundary wire, Miimo will turn at a wide angle. Directional is for narrower lawns, enabling narrower maneuvers. Mixed is a mixture of the two, changing at regular intervals.

The boundary wire will need to be installed by an authorized Miimo dealer, along with the docking station. Both Miimo models will be available through select Honda Power Equipment dealers in the US (except California) in June, with prices starting at $2,499.