Nokia’s 8810 Matrix Phone is Back in all its Curved Glory

Nokia 8810

The Nokia 8810 is perhaps most recognizable as the phone used in The Matrix. In addition to its unique curved design and spring-loaded slider door, it was also regarded as one of the best “dumb” phones ever produced. Since Nokia seems eager to reboot classic phones of late, Nokia has decided to bring back the 8810, this time in two colors — black and yellow.

This iteration is powered by a Qualcomm processor and features a 2.4-inch curved screen, VoLTE calling, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB storage, Wi-Fi for serving as a hotspot, Google apps like Assistant, Maps, and Search, and even Snake is preloaded.

The Nokia 8810 is expected to go on sale in Q2 for $99. Check it out on Nokia’s website to pick one up for yourself.