Nomad Hub Lets You Stay Connected Wired and Wirelessly

Nomad Hub

With iPhone finally getting wireless changing, and Android devices continuing to nudge the technology into the mainstream, it’s inevitable that’s we’ll see more and more tech embrace wire-free connectivity. But until that occurs, you’ll still need to going to tether other devices to charge.

That’s where the new Nomad USB Hub comes in. It a combines a wireless charger with a multi-port USB charging hub underneath. It supports the the full 7.5W standard for iPhones as well as Androids, and it also provides a range of other usb ports built right in, including a 1A USB port, two 2.4a USB ports, and a 3A USB-C port.

The Nomad USB hub also boasts a sleek design, with a soft matte rubber top and a polycarbonate housing with a dark finish. Underneath its houses four USB ports behind a cable routing passage to help minimize the cable clutter on your desk or bedside table. LED lights on the top of the hub also display whether or not your device is charging, or if it has completed its charge.

To keep all your wired or wireless devices charged — with minimal cable clutter — the Nomad Hub ($80) is definitely a worthy investment for the home or office.