Get Ready for Easy Travel with North St. Bags

North St Travel Duffle

North St. Bags are designed and made in Portland, Oregon, and whether you need a bag for work or play, they’ve got you covered. But their newest line of bags are specially geared toward travelers.

The all-new Weekender Travel Series is available now. Smartly designed and loaded with features, the Weekender Backpack, Duffle, Meeting Bag, Dopp Kit, and Travel Cubes are durable, purposeful, as with all North St. Bags gear. But these bags also add a unique style that make them perfect for everyday use, weekend getaways, or business trips.

With five pieces in total, and various sizes to choose from, the collection provides smart individual carrying solutions for any specific need, but together can be used as the ultimate travel gear system. No matter which bag you choose, rest assured they all feature the same high-quality and long-lasting construction which includes use of lightweight materials that are both waterproof and rip resistant.