Vizio Introduces New Line of Products for Audiophiles

Vizio Soundbar

While they may be better known televisions, Vizio is quickly expanding its entertainment-focused offerings. The company has just introduced its latest soundbars and speakers, promising to provide premium audio performance for any home theater setup.

A total of six new soundbar systems were announced this week, ranging from ultra-affordable 2.0-channel models to a 36-inch, 5.1-channel wireless sound bar system.

Two of these new soundbars feature Google’s Chromcast built-in, which allows you to stream your favorite audio over Wi-Fi. These “SmartCast” branded products can also be paired together, giving audiophiles the chance to play music in multiple rooms from multiple speakers.

Vizio also introduced the new SmartCast Crave Go wireless multiroom speaker. With Chromecast built-in, these speakers make it easy to build a multiroom audio setup, for a fraction of the cost of a comparable Sonos setup. These compact speakers have a rechargeable six-hour battery, making them portal as well.

The company’s new soundbars start at $80 for 28-inch models, and go up to $250 for the 36-inch, 5.1-channel SmartCast wireless model. The new SmartCast Crave Go speaker is priced at $200.