Keep Bugs at Bay with This Plug-in Gadget

Zevo insect trap

The average home contains many unseen houseflies, gnats, mosquitos or moths, not to mention the ones you actually do notice. To keep those bugs from getting too cozy in your home, Proctor & Gamble’s Zevo will certainly take of them and add peace of mind.

Zevo looks and acts a lot like a plug-in air freshener. Just plug the compact gadget into any outlet, and a subtle combination of UV and blue light will attract any flying insect. The sticky adhesive backing will keep them trapped and away from your food, without dispersing chemical insecticides.

Each Zevo cartridge offers 45 days of protect. The trap itself can be found on Zevo’s website and at The Home Depot for $13, while each refill cartridge can be had for $6.