Amazon’s Echo Look Uses AI to Help You Look Your Best

Amazon Echo Look

Amazon’s Echo lineup of products is quickly expanding. Although it’s only included smart speakers until now, the all-new Echo Look is a surprising turn into Wi-Fi cameras.

This Alexa-powered camera lets you control your smart home just like other Echo devices. Thanks to an endless list of integrations with other brands and devices, Echo Look can help control a range of products in and around your home.

But where this device stands apart from other cameras is in its built-in artificial intelligence. Ever wonder if your jacket really goes well with the shirt you’re wearing? Echo Look’s Style Check feature examines your wardrobe and provides fashion-focused feedback.

Naturally, the goal of the AI is to get you to shop on for new clothing, but the technology behind this feature is pretty incredible. The more feedback you seek, the better the Echo Look will understand your personal style and determine what works.

For now, the Echo Look is available for $200 by invitation-only. To request an invite, head over to Amazon now.