August’s New Locks are Smart, Secure, and Stylish

August Smart Lock

Turning your home into a smart home is getting much easier these days thanks to brands like August. August’s line of smart products are among a growing number that can make your home more secure, automated, and convenient. And, it’s new third generation Smart Lock Pro ($279) and all-new entry-level Smart Lock ($149), are perhaps the best options available for providing you with peace of mind.

Both of these locks offer DoorSense, an integrated sensor that will alert users if a door is open or closed. This technology is great for letting you know for sure whether you deadbolt has been been properly engaged, even amid the frantic early morning rush to work. The locks are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and integrate with a full assortment of smart services, including Apple HomeKit and Siri, Amazon Echo and Alexa, and Google Home and Assistant.

August’s smart locks let you have control of your doors remotely over Wi-Fi or nearby using your smartphone or smartwatch.