BlackBerry KeyOne: Classic Design Meets Modern OS

BlackBerry KeyOne

Gone are the days of physical keyboards on smartphones…or so we thought. With BlackBerry’s new KeyOne, you can once again enjoy all the control of a full QWERTY keyboard that’s now combined with the latest version of Android.

The hardware of the new KeyOne is made by TCL, better known for TVs here in the States. It weighs 6.35-ounces and is built of sturdy anodized aluminum and offers an easy-to-grip rubbery back. The 4.5-inch screen (1620×1080) may not be the biggest, but that’s because it’s been shorted to accommodate the full, backlit keyboard. There are Sony-sourced 12-megapixel front and 8-megapixel rear cameras on this device, but make no mistake that this is not where the KeyOne’s strength lies.

Inside, it boasts Android Nougat, complete with Google Assistant and other up-to-date features. Signature BlackBerry software also found its way into the KeyOne, including the BlackBerry Hub repository for emails, messages, tweets and other communications, as well as BlackBerry’s DTEK security software.

Other features include 32GB of memory that’s expandable via microSD up to 2TB, changing via USB-C, a giant 3,505mAh battery, and a speedy Snapdragon 625 processor.

BlackBerry die-hards looking for a productivity workhorse can rejoice. The BlackBerry KeyOne will soon be available for pre-order for $549.