Say Goodbye to Gym Membership Fees with This App

drago gym app

Joining a gym can be expensive, thanks to numerous fees on top of the price of membership. But one new app hopes to eliminate the hassle of fees and memberships altogether.

Drago is a new app that lets aspiring gym goers simply scan into a gym, work out, and only pay for the time actually spent. The beauty of this model is that you can use multiple gyms in a variety of locations without being restricted or charged extra by having traditional memberships. Moreover, you’re in control with the freedom to workout however you’d like, with 60-minute sessions running roughly $7-$12.

The Drago app is only for New York residents at the moment, but will hopefully spread to other regions fast. In addition to partnering with gyms, the company behind Drago has even partnered with Pure Green and Boxed Water to offer users discounts and rewards every time you hit the gym using the app.

If you live in NYC, be sure to give this app a try. It’s available now for Android and iOS.