Take Charge of Your Heath with Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5

The Charge, Fitbit’s top-of-the-line and most advanced non-smartwatch fitness & health tracker, has been given a major overhaul. Although known for it’s angular body, the new fifth generation Fitbit Charge is sleeker than ever with a rounded body centered around a vibrant color AMOLED touchscreen display. Sensors on the sides help it take electrocardiogram (ECG) and electrodermal activity (EDA) readings to check heart health and stress response, respectively, while other sensors track heartbeat, sleep, and oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels along with physical activity. It also has built-in GPS, up to seven days of battery life on a single charge, and also provides a daily readiness score that advises how hard you should work out each day, even taking into account variables such as skin temperature, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation. The Fitbit Charge 5 is available in black, soft gold, or platinum stainless steel. It can be pre-ordered now for $180.