This Simple Translation App is Essential for your Next Trip

iTranslate Converse

There’s no shortage of translation apps available on various apps stores. However, iTranslate’s new Converse app is perhaps one of the best ones for simple, real-time translation.

With iTranslate Converse, you just select two languages that you want it to listen for, then flip your phone upside down (better to pick up both people’s voices with the phone’s mic) and press down on the screen while you talk. It will automagically detect what language is being spoken, then recite the translation for the person you’re speaking to.

The basic app even gives you text transcripts of your conversations and 300 translations per month. There’s also a $5 per month Pro version of the app which gives you unlimited translations, as well as audio transcripts.

iTranslate Converse supports 38 languages (and counting) and is a must for your next trip abroad. For now, its only available on iOS, but it will be coming to Android this fall.