Mastercard’s Newest Card Gets Built-in Fingerprint Scanner

Mastercard biometric card

Credit card companies are always looking for ways to provide customers with better, smarter security. Perhaps at the forefront of helping to protect customers is Mastercard, which has recently unveiled a new payment card that features a biometric fingerprint scanner.

Similar to mobile phone payment technology, the new card will require that users hold their finger over the sensor while they make a purchase. Not only is the method more secure than traditional cards, it’s also easy — no need to enter pins or other data.

By embedding a fingerprint sensor on the end of the card, opposite from the chip, the payment terminal can authenticate a sale almost instantly. And, the card never has to leave the user’s hand.

The new card promises to add another layer of security as it cannot be taken and replicated. Only cardholders will be able to complete purchases with these new cards.

This new technology is currently being tested in limited trials in South Africa. Wider testing and availability is expected to begin in Europe and Asia later this year.