New Xbox Controller is the Most Stylish Gamepad Available

Xbox One Phantom Black

Among the tech giants, Microsoft is not known for pushing the boundaries of design or paying extra special attention to the aesthetics of their products. Slowly, the company is changing that perception one product at a time, and a good example of this is Phantom Black Xbox controller.

Th Phantom Black Special Edition has a translucent black finish on the top of the controller that transitions to a solid champagne gold at the bottom. The inputs are black too, with the exception of the champagne gold D-pad. The controller also has textured grips, which should keep the Phantom Black safely in your hands. It is quite simply one of the best looking game controls you can get.

Xbox Phantom Black

Although intended for the Xbox One, this controller also comes with Bluetooth support to work with any Windows 10-powered PC or tablet as well as mobile devices running the new Android Pie. So, Anyone playing the likes of Fortnite, Call of Duty, or any other mobile game can use can use this controller on the go.

The Phantom Black will be priced from $70 and ships September 11th.