New Nest Cam Gets Facial Recognition and 4K Video

Nest Cam IQ

Nest is already one of the most popular home monitoring solutions on the market. And their latest camera will undoubtedly solidify their place as one of the smartest do-it-yourself security offerings for consumers.

The company’s new IQ camera features a simple design that will fit seamlessly into just about anyone’s home. But the real appeal is the camera’s technology. For starters, it can record ultra high-definition video at 4K resolution. What’s really impressive though is that it also boasts built-in facial detection. This allows the camera to recognize people that come into view, and it can trigger alerts on your mobile device for specific people, or for strangers.

Other features include built-in video encryption, night vision, and speakers that are 7x more powerful than the original Nest Cam. And with a three-microphone system, you can be sure that you’ll hear what’s happening at home in perfect clarity.

The new Nest Cam IQ is available for pre-order now. It’s priced from $299.