Nest Has a New Minimalist Thermostat for Smart Homes

Nest Thermostat E

Nest already makes one of the most popular smart thermostats available. But the Google-owned company has introduced one that promises to blend in even better with you home.

The all-new Thermostat E ditches the black and silver look of the brand’s well established Thermostat for ones that’s surrounded in a polycarbonate white ring. It’s been designed to look and feel ceramic. The face of the Thermostat E displays only the current temperature as you pass by it, and completely disappears as you walk away.

As with the original Nest thermostat, you can control the Thermostat E via a PC, tablet, or smartphone with Nest’s easy-to-use app. And, you can control it with voice commands thanks to integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Like its predecessor, the Nest Thermostat E gives you remote control over your heating and cooling, and even learns your habits to configure a schedule that’s convenience and energy efficient. At $170, this is an incredibly valuable device that can help you save big on utility costs and keep you home comfortable at all times.