Peel’s Got the Slim iPhone, Galaxy Cases You Really Want

Peel Samsung Galaxy S8

Peel has unveiled what’s probably the best line of ultra thin cases available for the iPhone 7/7+, Google Pixel, and Samsung S8/S8+. For those in search of a protective phone case, but want to minimize bulk, these cases are worth a look.

Measuring just 35mm thick, Peel’s newest ultra thin cases balance protection with aesthetics sure to please any minimalist. It wraps seamlessly around the latest generation flagship devices to provide a base level of protection. They also wrap nicely around protruding cameras and buttons to add extra protection, and they’re even void of any unnecessary branding.

At $25, these cases are well priced to safeguard your device from dust and scratches. They are also available in a variety of color options that can complement the color of your phone.