The Galaxy S8 Active Is Here and Ready to Take a Beating

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has been one of the most popular mobile phones of the year, and is quite possibly the best Android device you can buy. Now, Samsung has made the S8 even more alluring with the addition of the S8 Active.

This ultra rugged phone is just like other models that have donned the “Active” name — it’s a more durable version of the Galaxy S8 complete with shatterproof glass and a shockproof bumper around the bezel. With added protection comes added weight, as it’s 55 grams heavier than the standard S8. Otherwise, it carries the same awesome hardware and specs that have made its standard counterpart one of the year’s best-selling phones. Both are powered by the same speedy processors, feature fantastic front- and rear-facing cameras, and boast 4GB of RAM and and 64GB of storage.

The standard Galaxy S8 is already water- and dust-resistant, which makes it a pretty rugged choice for most people. But if you’re into sports, lead a slightly more active life than common folks, or if you’re simply accident prone, the S8 Active is the phone for you. It’s available now in Meteor Gray or Titanium Gold for AT&T customers, but should be available for other carriers in the near future.