TrackR Pixel Let’s You Find Anything Using Your Phone

TrackR Pixel bluetooth tracker

Prone to losing your keys? A bluetooth tracker could be the best accessory for you. Luckily, these trackers get smaller and smaller with each passing year, making them easy and seamless to put just about anywhere.

One of the newest of these pint-sized trackers is the TrackR Pixel. About the size of a quarter, you can add it to just about anything to keep track of it. Your car keys, a purse, backpacks, and anything else that you don’t want to misplace.

Other features on Pixel include an eye-catching LED lights that flashes when it’s activated, a ringer to get someone’s attention, family sharing, crowd location, and it can even connect to Alexa so that you can just ask your Amazon Alexa-enabled device to help find your things.

The TrackR Pixel is powered by a simple coin battery, so you won’t need to replace the entire device when it runs out of juice. The companion app is available on either iOS or Android phones and the device connects via Bluetooth 4.0. It’s also available in a variety of colors for $24.99.