Control Every Gadget in Your Home with a Zuli Smartplug

Zuli Smartplug

These days, it’s natural to want to control everything with our phones. Smart, Wi-Fi-enabled devices have made our lives much simpler by automating basic tasks through voice controls and mobile apps. And, with a Smartplug from Zuli, virtually anything can be made just a little smarter.

The Zuli Smartplug is a minimal device that plugs into any outlet. It then lets you control just about anything that’s plugged into it. Lights, coffee makers, you name it, can be controlled easily via the Zuli app. No need to get up; lift only a finger to brighten the room or shut down for the night.

You can even see the energy consumption for all your appliances at a glance, helping you become more conscientious of your wasteful ways. Easy-to-setup schedules will also turn lights and appliances on when you need them, without having to think about it or even be present.

No switches, no dials, the Zuli Smartplug is an easy way to make your home smarter and respond to you.