Google Maps Now Helps You Park While You’re Traveling

Google maps parking app

When you’re traveling outside of the U.S., parking can be a pain. But, thanks to the latest Google Maps update, you can now gauge how difficult it is to find a parking spot before you even get into the car.

The update includes parking information for 25 cities abroad, including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona,London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Toronto, Valencia, and Vancouver.

To find parking, simply get directions to your destination and look for the parking difficulty icon in the directions card at the bottom of the screen. Using historical parking data and machine learning, Google Maps can tell you how difficult it will be to park, which can vary from “limited” to “medium” to “easy.”

In addition to finding a place to park, the app can also help you remember where you parked. Just tap a small blue dot that represents your car, and the app will save the placement as a parking reminder. You can even leave notes about the location your vehicle is in. If you happen to be at a metered spot, for example, you can add how much time you have left on the meter.

Google has rolled out the update for parking difficulty icons on Google Maps for both Android and iOS, so be sure to grab the update ahead of your next trip.