Moleskine’s New Actions App Simplifies Your To Do List


Moleskine notebooks are sought after for their quality and simplicity, allowing users to become better note takes and taskmasters ultimately to get more done. That same no-nonenese minimalism has gone into their new productivity app, Actions.

While there are many to-do list and productivity apps in the App Store, Actions is simple and refined, just like Moleskin’s notebooks. The menus are uncluttered and it’s easy to navigate or add something to your schedule without unnecessary steps or wading through unintuitive labels. You can also create custom lists, repeat reminders, and more. Action cards can also be moved around the schedule by dragging and dropping. When you do move items around, there’s also nice haptic feedback to give you assurance things have been moved properly. Actions also works with Timeline and Siri.

Best of all, this gloriously uncluttered organizational app is completely free and available now.