Notion’s Smart Sensors Alert You to What Can’t Be Seen

Notion Home Monitoring System

When homeowners turn to smart home tech, they often start with security cameras. However, cameras don’t always give you the full picture when you’re away from home. Notion’s Home Security and Monitoring system provides sensors that give you a little more insight into what’s going on.

The system can be setup in 15 minutes or less and provide a host of helpful alerts and info, such as temperature, whether certain doors are open or closed, and it can even alert you when a water leak has been detected, all via its companion iOS smartphone. It’ll even let you know when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounds if you aren’t home to hear it.

The Notion home monitoring starter kit is available with three battery-powered sensors and one Bridge, which connects to your Wi-Fi. The start kit costs $219 and a five sensor kit goes for $299. Expansion kits are also available for larger homes or additional applications. And with integrations with other smart home products, like the Next thermostat, you can rest assured it will play nice with other smart home tech you’ve already purchased.