Red Wing’s Stylish Heritage Leather Goods are Built to Last

Red Wing Heritage Leather

Red Wing makes some of the finest leather boots you can buy. Now, the company’s penchant for making high-quality, handcrafted leather goods is expanding beyond footwear into everyday accessories.

The brand’s new premium leather accessories include a range of items such as wallets (six styles available in three types of leather), belts (available in eight types of leather), gloves (lined and unlined), coasters, and a dopp kit.

All goods feature the same high-quality leather and construction that’s featured in their boots. So, rest assured, these wallets and belts will stand the test of time. Better yet, they’ll also age nicely and develop a stunning patina with regular use.

The new accessories also offer incredible value, as all items are priced between $29 and $190. The wallets in particular are ideal for those who appreciate practical accessories that offer durable, long-lasting craftsmanship.